Five areas earnings to interest payments to participants of Fund.

Administration of the Fund "MIF" developed five areas for earnings to interest payments to participants of Fund.

Trading in the direction of the Fund "MIF" trades on two platforms: is a Forex broker the crypto currency exchange trading in these areas the Fund extracts the greatest profit.

Exchange - at the moment there is the opportunity to make contributions, request disbursements and make exchanges via the internal Exchanger of the Fund "MIF" (all exchanges via the exchange Fund, give the Fund income. It is therefore recommended that all transactions made through our exchange offices!)(IN DEVELOPMENT)

"MIF" invest is a special high-risk, high-yield section are investing in projects which can be quickly and make good money. (the administration of the Fund "MIF" carefully selects projects and sets them in this section. For access to this section, the total amount of contributions should be not less than$ 100. Profit and referral bonus received by the Fund are also on interest payments to participants!)

Micro investing is a specially designed mechanism in the form of payment of personal accounts, allowing you to invest relatively large sums, which are accumulated in a single capital and then purchased assets in the real sector of the economy (operating businesses, enterprises, real estate), and then with profits Fund "MIF" pays interest to the participants. All of our assets are located in section: Projects of the Fund "MIF"

The exchange is a private exchange through which anyone can sell and have extra income. A Fund "MIF" has a certain Commission from each deal, which also gives an inflow of new funds for the payment of interest to the participants. (IN DEVELOPMENT).