Dear members of the Founda "MIF" Fund Administration congratulates us with 3 meets work specifications! We wish you new victories, good saratov and movement only forward! With respect to the Administration of the Fund "MIF"!

Added: 2017-12-18

Fund administration picked up the first Invasion project!

Added: 2017-12-14

"The myth of the" invest - it is a special Wisconsin section where profitable projects to invest in which can be quickly and make good money.

Added: 2017-12-07

Good news from the Administration of the Fund "MIF"

Added: 2017-11-30

Administration of the Fund "MIF" developed five areas for earnings to interest payments to participants of Fund.


Added: 2017-11-08
Hello dear friends! Today the post-test launch of the MIF Foundation 
was held for all of us with health, love and financial prosperity!
Added: 2017-09-18
Dear investors, at the moment we are testing the private offices and 
everything is getting ready for the start! According to plans the start
of the fund is scheduled for 18.09.2017. We all wish health, love and
financial well-being!
Added: 2017-09-11